Warburton Redwood Forest

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I spent the day in one of our favourite locations for hiking and taking photos, Warburton Victoria. Warburton is a small town about an hour and 20 minute drive out of the city of Melbourne and is located right on the Yarra River. It's surrounded by beautiful mountains, farm land and rainforests.
We had only explored a small area in the past so this time we decided to try and find new places we hadn't heard of or seen. The first place we checked out was La La falls, a cute little water fall where the hike along the way felt like you were walking through a fairy tale, with stone bridges and little creeks of water running from every direction.
The second place we went to was a Red Wood forest plantation, unfortunately we don't have these kind of trees grow naturally here in Australia but we are lucky enough to have a few plantations and national parks which do grow them. I was super excited to visit the forest because I had seen pictures and it looked so magical and creepy. We spent the rest of our afternoon exploring within the trees, filming and taking some photos which I'll be sharing both within the next couple of days. We came across a river that flowed just behind the forest which was hidden away in over grown rainforest. We wrapped up the day by having a picnic in a meadow and watching the clouds roll over the sky.