Great Ocean Road Trip

In celebration of getting my license and being together for two years I decided to take Luke on a camping trip along The Great Ocean.
After having my license for only one day it was a bit strange jumping in the car and driving for four hours plus straight. The drive along the bendy and hard roads helped improved my confidence!

We setup camp behind the sand dunes in Johanna where we stayed for two nights, making day trips from here we headed further out to visit Princetown, Port Campbell, The 12 Apostles and much more. 

The trip has made me extremely excited about the ventures I can now go on and how many opportunities that open up with photography that I now can drive.

Once I get more comfortable driving by myself I am setting myself some type of photography challenge to push me further and help me begin creating a lot more. I've felt stuck creatively for a while now and I feel having the freedom of being able to get out of the city whenever I want to do photos is going help improve my creative drive :)